Dear Fellow Photo Editors & Digital Scrapbookers,

Welcome to the
5th Annual Photo Editing & Digi-Scrap Online Summit!

We are so proud to announce that 4 of the most exciting classes of 2020 will be available to you in our annual training series. This online event will take place each evening from
March 9 – 12th, starting at 5:30pm PST, 6:30MST, 7:30CST & 8:30EST, and run for a knowledge-packed hour and a half. Can’t attend live? No problem! Each class will be recorded for you to watch at your convenience (and as many times as you would like!)

Meet the Instructors


A graphic designer for the printing industry by trade, Wendy was creating rudimentary “digital” scrapbooks using inexpensive scrapbooking software and Photoshop in the mid 1990’s.  A whole new world of artistic expression was opened up to her and she was immediately taken with digiscrapping. Wendy began designing templates based on her layouts and began selling her designs in early 2007.

Karen Schulz

Karen has been teaching with NAODS since January 2013.  You can find all of her classes inside the membership area. Some of them include: “How to Work with Stamps”, “How to Stretch Your Stash”, “Holiday Gift Ideas” and many more. She has been a traditional scrapper since the early 1970’s and became a digital designer selling kits and other products in January 2010. Karen also appeared on CreativeLive in March of 2014.

Vicki Robinson

Vicki discovered digital scrapbooking in 2007, and instantly fell in love with it. It let her combine her geeky-techie software-loving side with a way to preserve the thousands of photos she’d been taking since she’d retired a few years before. Digital scrapbooking led her to designing/selling digital scrapbooking kits and that, in turn, opened the door to digital art/life journaling. From there she started exploring the world of hands-on mixed media art and loves to incorporate her art into her digital products.

Michelle Stelling

Michelle Stelling founded the National Association of Digital Scrapbookers in 2007, aka "PhotoEditing & DigiScrap Academy". She is the lead instructor for beginner, intermediate and advanced digiScrappers and Photoshop Elements users and  taught over 6,000 digital scrapbookers and graphic designers throughout various colleges and via the internet for over 30 years. Her students range from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Texas, New York, California and everywhere in between.

Learn What Works & Then Apply What You Learn:

Mon. Mar 9th (5:30-7pst | 6:30-8mst | 7:30-9ct | 8:30-10est)
Understanding and Mastering Layers (beginner-advanced): by Wendyzine Scraps

Layers are the building blocks of a layout. Learn all about layers from a basic overview to the advanced techniques as Wendy demonstrates the power of layers.

Tues. Mar 10th (5:30-7pst | 6:30-8mst | 7:30-9ct | 8:30-10est)
Organizational Methods: by Karen Schulz
Learn from one of our long time instructors, Karen, some tips on how she organizes her photos and digi-kits. Organizing seems to be a never ending battle, but this class will put that to rest. Plus, you’ll get a quick overview of the popular organizing software, ACDSee.

Wed. Mar 11th (5:30-7pst | 6:30-8mst | 7:30-9ct | 8:30-10est)
PhotoEditing & DigiScrap Tips and Tricks: by Vicki Robinson
Make the Photoshop Elements workspace work for you; learn quick fixes for your photos to make them shine; and unlock designer scrapbooking secrets!

Thurs. Mar 12th (5:30-7pst | 6:30-8mst | 7:30-9ct | 8:30-10est)
How to Create, Adjust & Resize Templates: by Michelle Stelling
Come join Michelle as she shows you how to create a simple template you can use over and over again. Also learn how to adjust the templates you already have. And for those of you who love to work in sizes other than 12x12, she will show you how you can convert templates to any size. The different types of templates will also be discussed, for example: regular templates, droplet templates and alpha/number templates, 




  • Access to All 4 Sessions
  • Unlimited Replay Viewing



  • Access to All 4 Sessions
  • Unlimited Replay Viewing
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What if I can't attend the sessions live?

No problem!  All sessions will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience - as many times as you want!

I'm already a NAODS Member.  How do I register?

Current NAODS members will register by cicking on the black "register now" button above! You'll receive a confirmation e-mail a week prior to the event.

Will the registration price go up after March 1st?

Yes! Register now to have full access to the Photo Editing & Digi-Scrap Online Summit for just $79. On March 2nd the registration price will rise to $99.

What program will you be using?

We will be using Photoshop Elements. Most instructors will use version 2020, however, steps will be the same with earlier versions (18 and above)